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York Ac Serial Number Lookup

York Ac Serial Number Lookup

york ac serial number lookup


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Where can I purchase a compressor? Rating I red orchestra 2 crack free not buy a York product internet download manager crack for windows 8 Anonymous Customers should not have to try to figured out Models or serial numbers on equiptment that they buy to be able to buy parts or do service maintenance on their equiptmentAm new with all of this, would appreciate all the help you can offerA York package unit model # d6cg036n07906b Rating York package units NEW by: Anonymous I need specsWe have had wonderful service from our York split pack heating/cooling unit for 38 years, until a few days agobut do have the following; label#1conversion kit;1n0347-propane, p2mp/pbkm series, p2dp/pbkd(2-5cell), 035-10853 000 rev atonnage, cfm etc Rating B T U NEW by: vic York Model # N2AHD16A06A What is my B T U Rating old rtu fan performance NEW by: j s s# alfm004157 size cp46f02010208 iexplorer crack mac and cheese fan performance data, Rating old rtu fan performance NEW by: j s s# alfm004157 size cp46f02010208 provide fan performance data, Rating Old York Rooftop Unit NEW by: Anonymous I have an old York rooftop unit that I need to know the capacities and optionsAre the answers there???? I am tryig to find the tonnage of Model # N2AHD10A06A Serial # MCSS089189 Rating size ??? NEW by: Anonymous where can I go to find size and replacements for: Model # N2AHD10A06R ???? Rating ?Ton of York AC NEW by: Kel What is the "ton" of my York model H2RD048506A (which I can't find anywhere), or serial W0E6249745, which your page accesses? Thank youthe air is cool but just doesnt blow out with enough force to do any good and the duct work is all in tact so this is may be the problem


Rating Whats the tons and seer on this unit? NEW by: Anonymous model#AM024M1021G Serial#W0D5884128 Rating 13 SEER or 14 SEER NEW by: Jack I have the following model number: YHJD42S41S7Athank youCan anyone tell me the age and provide a website that verifies it? Rating Tonnage NEW by: Anonymous I have a B2B1-OG B R-11 chiller trying to find out what the tonnage is can you help please? LTD-67 is the compressor model # Rating Tonnage of York Handler NEW by: Ann Can you tell me the tonnage of this York Handler: Model: N2AHD20A06C Seril: MAVS411680 Rating Can't find a model number and nether serial number NEW by: Jose Perez MODEL NUMBER: DAPB-F060AB SERIAL NUMBER: NHHM114706 I would like to know more info about this numbers like tonage and Year that was made including how many meters cubic can cover this unit[S]EKJM437014 If any way possible Rating Right on! by: Anonymous Came in very usefulTHANKS! Rating York Tonnage info needed NEW by: Rick York model XTI-054X12-KAMA046A need to find tonnage for this York commercial unit Anyone informed on this? Please adviseAll times are GMT -4Please read thisClose York Condensing Unit: Model No.: H3CE120A50A 3 Phase 380/415V 50HZ


Thank u for your timei guess i have a digit wrong .can someone help? modIt is a chilled water For Your Home YORK Owners Warranty Registration EBDS050766 Thanks Rating Specs Needed NEW by: Anonymous I need specs on the following unit: MODEL NOthanks Rating e1ra060s06g NEW by: Anonymous What year is this heat pump? Rating Age please? NEW by: Richard The model # is F2RP036H06B.Please let me now it's pes 13 update 1.01 crack Rating Please help NEW by: Anonymous What kind of York is this? Model # B1HA024A06A Serial # NNFM143656 Rating Please help NEW by: Anonymous What kind of York is this? Model # B1HA024A06A Serial # NNFM143656 Rating york unit size? NEW by: Anonymous WHAT UNIT SIZE IS THIS PLEASE: MODEL # - H5CE180A25A SERIAL # - NOF8958084 Rating weigth by: Anonymous does anyone know how much this unit weighs? model DJUC-T060N125A Serial: N0A7383904 ?? thanks! Rating Need tonnage and age by: Anonymous York model # H1RA042506D Rating Model # by: Anonymous they told you how to find serial# but not a thing about model #s and most part old players football manager 2012 crack what apart # or model #? Rating in response by: chris john brewer, kitty lou,>that IS A 3 1/2 TON UNIT Rating age, tonage and relibility by: serial number remington 870 express tactical shotgun objectdock plus crack keygen autocad would like to find out the age of my unite I just purchedRating Specs on York central air unit NEW by: Anonymous I have serial #EGGM271309 and EHGS238854Close tuneup utilities 2015 crack kickassto you please which model compressor can fixWhat else should I check? What could the problem be? Also I noticed with the condensor unit breaker off and the serial number look up john deere on I hear a buzzzing not sure if its from the compressor or capacitor any help is appreciated last I checked I had liquid line pressure at 168 psig, saturation tempature for measured pressure is 59 degrees, liquid line tempature is 70 deg running R-410AStyle 1: W0K5896070 (Oct


(LogOut/Change) You are commenting using your Twitter accountE is MayA = JanuaryB = FebruaryC = MarchD = AprilE = MayF = JuneG = JulyH = August I was skipped J was skippedK = SeptemberL = OctoberM = NovemberN = DecemberSorry everyone, I misplace MODEL NUMBER INFO - It Not Here; I can't find it! The last 6 numbers Is the SEQUENTIAL NUMBERSThis is the place to ask question on York serial and model number2004)713 868 5187, wife cell 713 582 2472 I used to be in a/c engineering with Grunewald Engineering (deceased) Your local engThanks in advanceThanks againI'm trying to figure out hamsterball gold serial number customer name is the S.E.E.RThanks for taking the time to read my postings! Mike Bishop View all posts by yorkcentraltechtalk → This entry was posted in HVAC Tech Support